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William Joyce

With an astrophysics degree William has worked in space research at Leicester university with Earth remote sensing satellite instruments and in industry in laboratories, space software engineering and later in aerospace systems engineering. William changed career in the mid 2000's and obtained a degree in Earth and Planetary science and followed this with university teaching and astronomy work. Currently he is studying the Moon for a PhD and gives public talks on astronomy and  Planetary science. Talks will be at 11:00 and 13:00 

Nik Szymanek

Nik became interested in astronomical CCD imaging shortly before 1991. His interest in this kind of observational astronomy rose after meeting fellow imager Ian King.

Since that time he got most known for his deep sky CCD images and his contributions to education and public outreach. He collaborates with professional astronomers and works with big telescopes  located in the Canary Islands, and in Hawaii  He publishes his pictures in astronomical magazines and has written a book on astrophotography called Infinity Rising. 

 Nik will be doing two talks at 13:00 and 14:00


Gary Palmer

Gary is a very respected member of the Astronomy community specializing in astrophotography. Gary's equipment reviews, articles and tips are regularly featured in astronomy magazines including BBC Sky At Night Magazine.  Gary also provides workshops and courses which can be found on his website. Gary's talks will be at 12:00 and 14:00


Dr Lilian Hobbs

Lilian has been interested in astronomy for many years, her first telescope was purchased from Dixons which served very well. Lilian has a wealth of experience in astronomy. Currently preferred instruments are Meade, Takahashi and TMB telescopes. Lilian will be doing two talks at 10:00 and 11:00


Dan Oakley

Dan will be along from the South Downs National Park to present his talk about the history of the Dark Skies reserve and the plans for the future. Dan's talk will be at 12:00 and 15:00


Nigel Bradbury

​Nigel has been an active amateur astronomer for over 40 years and has been fortunate enough to have taken over 20,000 people to view the Aurora. Always passionate to share the world of astronomy he has a real interest in Astro tourism ans will be doing a talk at 15:00 on th


Please note that timings may vary on the day. Please register your interest for any given talk on the Book A talk page, please only reserve a maximum of two talks for fair allocation for all.

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